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by Hey Girl Slow Down

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released September 1, 2015

Jake Goldin - Guitars/Vocals
Cory Haberman - Bass/Vocals
Steve "Nation" Ranellone - Percussion
Mori Einsidler - Additional vocals

Recorded at Vice and Virtue Studios in Bed-Stuy
Engineered and mixed by Kyle Joseph (
Mastered by Justin Colletti ( at Joe Lambert Mastering

Music written by Hey Girl Slow Down
Lyrics for tracks by Jake Goldin (



all rights reserved


Hey Girl Slow Down New York, New York

Watch the video for "happy" at the link above, and download the song for free on Bandcamp or Soundcloud!

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Track Name: Fuckin With Me
Thank you for staying
Until my second act, I’m much obliged
You found me like some feral child
And I’m grateful
Because you taught me
How to be people

It’s been too long
You still come first
‘Cause you’ve seen me at my worst
And you’re still fuckin with me
I’m a mean drunk
I play too much
But you’re still fuckin with me

The real world showed up naked
I thought I’d be cleaning out the grease traps
And bringing home the bacon
I like to think that
They’re buying my time
Not my attention

Tomorrow we should wake at 8 to daydrink
Breakfast with Andre, I will try to be up by 9
Pacing my cage on all fours, dragging my knuckles on the floor
Keep me occupied, I spend too much time with me as is

I won’t be good enough for half the things I daydream
But if I’m good enough for you, then I’m amazing
You brought the fear of fire to the wolves that raised me
God bless this mess, made from your discarded parts

And when I make plans
You’re in all of them
I will follow you like some Frankenstein

I need you to grow
When I’m all alone
Turns out I can’t just do nothing right

Days get shorter now
I’ve moved underground
You should really come visit sometime
Track Name: Get Ugly
Centipedes got way too many legs
But if they eat the roaches, I will keep them as my pets
Made for no particular task
That’s why possums can eat trash
Ugly animals adapt
I bet rats know some good jokes

I’ve got the cure for passion:
Make hobbies out of habits
Words are shaped just like atoms
And when you split them...

Don’t be scared, I don’t mind
He gets like this all the time
He gets drunk and calls me names and I just hum
I feel ugly all inside, scurrying around
I’m gonna drown it like a rat

Some people love their insomnia
Walking alone at night, the last pulse in the city’s veins
But to my lizard brain
That’s just a sappy way to get mugged
So it’s the path of least resistance
Until my family tree looks like a circuit board

Words are shaped just like atoms:
Contexts orbit in patterns
The meaning of the matter
And when you split them...

I don’t mind the shit line on shrimp
‘Cause I’m on some Katy Perry shit
Sharks are just big fucking fish
I’m the killing machine, if anyone is

And I’ve done things that I’m ashamed of
But I’m trying to make amends
Not so I can get a fresh start
So I can live for revenge
And my body is a temple
And I lit a bag of dog shit on the front porch
I’m gonna bleach my insides
I’m gonna be a cyborg

Sharks are just big fucking fish
I’m the killing machine, if anyone is
Track Name: I Wrote the Bible
I think you have the wrong impression
Somewhere in me, there’s a light
I chew diamonds, I shit rainbows
I wrote the bestseller of all time

You’re not “supposed to” anything
And you don’t get closer just by virtue of
Being opposed to everything
Baby, I’ll see you in Vegas

Did you know I’m not your mommy?
And I’m not your punching bag

I wrote the Bible and you rolled your eyeballs at it
I don’t need disciples, but I will be coming back
And I’ll be real pissed

I happen to like me
Why do I go around saying
That I’m this big fucking asshole?
I mean, then what do I call you

When you assure me it’s just a phase?
I should’ve never made you my plus-one
To Corey Feldman’s birthday party
I’ve made the wrong people famous

I am not your sugar daddy
I don’t pay you so you can fuck me

I’m on the couch and coming down
And realizing how little we have in common now
If I’m gonna be happy instead of just distracted
I can never work in this town again

Everyone wants to discuss my book
They’ve clearly only read reviews

Sycophants, think if they can afford a ticket
I’d wanna to hear their thoughts about God
And sure, it’s all open to interpretation,
But I based Him on a Santa at the mall

Everyone deserves a chance
To cry on his lap and be disappointed
And make their own joy
And buy their own toys

What do you think is going to happen when you run out of people to blame?

I was thinking, what’s the point
If you can always go and lie?
If you can always change your answer?
But we lead by example

Fear is the mind-killer
Your father’s hanging jaw
It’s gonna fuck the girl you love
It’s gonna leave you when you get cancer